May you walk in the presence of angels - Annie Jameson


The Light of Chilao is a jewel of a book. Annie and her writing clearly display the hallmarks of Spiritual Truth: love, gentleness, joy, peace, kindness and compassion. These qualities, identified in the Bible as the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) have been a sure guide for me as I have followed the leading of the Spirit outside of organized religion and into the uncharted waters of personal revelation. Where I find these qualities I recognize that God is at work. I recommend this book and the accompanying cards as useful wisdom for those seeking spiritual growth and a closer connection with the Source of All Life.

Jasmine Sampson

This wonderful little book is truly a blessing from Heaven. Annie Jameson shares a wealth of Universal Truths that have been imparted to her by her Guardian Angel, Chilao, in order to help awaken all souls to know where they have come from and what their soul purpose is here on Earth.

In these pages, be guided by the angels to awaken to the Divine Source of love, light and joy within. Be inspired to give yourself and others total and unconditional love; bring more joy, playfulness, peace and harmony into your life; be true to yourself; lift the veils of illusion; connect with your higher self; access your inner wisdom; trust your own intuition and put your trust in the Divine Source.

This wisdom provides many simple visualisations to incorporate into everyday life and a very powerful meditation for releasing old patterns, conditions and negativity from the emotional body.

Rainbow News
February 2007

From the day that Annie walked into my place of work with the pearls of wisdom from Chilao, it was the beginning of a healing that has left a heart and spirit that truly knows what loving yourself, "myself" really means. My first opening of The Light of Chilao was to the page Release, this again followed in my most dire times, when it felt like I wouldn't mind if I got swallowed up and put somewhere out into the universe, anywhere except on this plane.

It was that night that the meaning of every word in Release had direction. Following the meditation, and hearing the words that I had just read, I began the most conscious cleansing healing I can remember ever encountering in my journey on this plane. In my times of doubt, uncertainty and sadness all I did was ask Chilao, my angels, spirit guides and the greater energy for help, and it came.

My consciousness of replies to prayers has brought me to the place that I am currently at: loving me, giving and accepting of a love that I feel so deeply, feeling this love and being aware of this love and the impact it is having on others.

For me, my journey has only just begun; a light worker is now where I am. I look forward to the light and clarity of my paths ahead. With love to Annie and Angel Chilao.

Thank you from my heart.


I am so delighted that this vibrant little book has found its way into my life. "The Light of Chilao" is one of those little gems that contains both Universal Truth as well as some practical ‘how to access the Truth’ tips.

The two sections - The Teaching and the Awakening - create a progressive order to the content. And yet it is absolutely true that the book does not need to be read sequentially, and that you can pick it up anytime and open the book to any page and find there exactly the right words and thoughts and truths for that particular moment.

The various meditations are wonderful in their simplicity and effectiveness. One can change one's inner state in an instant by following the guidance of the meditations.

Reading the words one feels that the light is shining right out of the pages on which they are written. So much of what we read these days is evocative of so much tragedy and darkness - the profound pathos of the human condition - and it is essential to read words that evoke the Light of the Heavenly Realms. The book achieves this admirably. Browsing through it is like receiving a direct blessing from God and his Angels. Well done Annie for bringing this book into being in the world.

Mynda Mansfield.

Inspirational angel cards - an invitation for personal growth

When you pick a card for the day sit for awhile using the inspirational words as a way to connect with your heart, allowing the true meaning to filter into your consciousness. Taking time to do this will help you gain a deeper level of understanding.

Use the cards as an opportunity to gain some insight into the 'bigger picture' of each situation you face. As you learn to do this, instead of reacting automatically, you can consciously choose how to respond to each situation to achieve the best outcome for you and everyone involved.