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This is an interview by Anayah Holily hosting Angel Heart Radio about my Crystal Singing Bowls and CD ‘ Weaving Sacred Sound’ Enjoy!

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MY FIRST connection with my Guardian Angel, Chilao, was on the 9th January 1991. At this time I put forth the positive intention to make this connection. I had no idea at that time how incredible this was to be or how it would change the way I viewed my life. It is also interesting to me now to note the date on which I first made this connection – 9/1/1991.

On this evening I sat in prayer and meditation and asked that I be connected to my Guardian Angel from only the highest source of Light and Love. Immediately I received a response: I felt a click in my right ear as though it was being unblocked, a cool shivery sensation moved in waves through my body and words flowed into my mind. I asked to be given the name of my Angel, and I immediately heard “Chilao” (pronounced chilay-o). I was shown the exact spelling so that there should be no doubt.

From that first day in 1991 this connection to my Guardian Angel has been very strong. I “hear” the words very clearly in my mind as though being given dictation. The words come through fluently and I write very quickly without any judgement or stopping to see what I am bringing through. It is only when I have finished that I am amazed by the wisdom that has been shared with me. The writing is complete in its original form. Only very rarely will I have missed a word through writing quickly, and punctuation is only added where necessary to give full expression and understanding of the full impact of the message. I have never doubted from the beginning that the information coming through is from the Highest Source, as I am very clear in my intent that it should be so. Another reason is that it does not sound like my words, and invariably has far more wisdom and brings a more whole perspective than we can perceive on this Earth from a limited understanding.

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This is an interview with Tina Brandon hosting ‘The truth is in the light radio’

Inspirational angel cards - an invitation for personal growth

When you pick a card for the day sit for awhile using the inspirational words as a way to connect with your heart, allowing the true meaning to filter into your consciousness. Taking time to do this will help you gain a deeper level of understanding.

Use the cards as an opportunity to gain some insight into the 'bigger picture' of each situation you face. As you learn to do this, instead of reacting automatically, you can consciously choose how to respond to each situation to achieve the best outcome for you and everyone involved.