May you walk in the presence of angels - Annie Jameson
Annie Jameson

Are you looking for balance and healing in your life?

Annie Jameson is an intuitive who brings through guidance from the angelic and higher spiritual realms. Her passion is to empower others to access their own divine connection and higher guidance.

Annie does this through sound healing with crystal singing bowls, angel guidance readings and through her writing. Her books, inspirational cards and CD's allow you to share her divine wisdom to inspire your spiritual journey.

Contact Annie for a personal or group session.

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Distributor of Crystal Tones® Crystal Singing Bowls

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Please contact Annie Jameson 027 713 8580

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Looking for your own crystal bowl….free consultation available.

WE ARE NZ STOCKISTS of CRYSTAL TONES CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS. Alchemy and Classic Frosted Bowls available for purchase. Please email for all enquiries or phone 027 713 8580

Inspirational angel cards - an invitation for personal growth

When you pick a card for the day sit for awhile using the inspirational words as a way to connect with your heart, allowing the true meaning to filter into your consciousness. Taking time to do this will help you gain a deeper level of understanding.

Use the cards as an opportunity to gain some insight into the 'bigger picture' of each situation you face. As you learn to do this, instead of reacting automatically, you can consciously choose how to respond to each situation to achieve the best outcome for you and everyone involved.